Account Manager Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

An account manager has the responsibility to handle client accounts on behalf of your manager. However, your job requires various skills & finesse. If you are preparing for a job interview for this position, you have to pay attention to account manager interview questions and answers below.

36. Account Manager Interview Questions

How Do I Prepare for an Account Manager Interview?

To prepare for a job interview for this position, the best way is to prepare your answers of various possible questions. It is not easy to guess what will be asked in the job interview. However, you can use our sample for your reference.

What Makes You the Ideal Candidate for an Account Manager position?

If you want to be considered an ideal candidate, you must have good communication skills as well as the ability to develop relationships with clients or customers. Besides that, It is also important that you can demonstrate that you will be able to your company improve revenue and retain clients.

Account Manager Interview Sample

The following questions and answers sample will help you prepare a job interview for an account manager position:

  • What Makes an Account Manager Successful Overall?

With this question, the interviewer wants to know about your character and your work ethic. To answer it properly, you should give 3 or 4 ideas attesting to your experience. Communication skills, negotiation abilities, and understanding of market research are very important for the success of an account manager.

  • Do You Always Achieve Your Goals?

With this question, the interviewer wants to know about your ideas for strategies in order to achieve certain goals and maybe even examples of hard goals you’ve conquered in the past. Besides, your interviewer also wants you to have good communication skills based on your answer. So, make sure that you explain your answer as well as possible.

  • What Type of Work Environment Best Suits You?

You must be careful with this question because most people are happier behind a desk than working with customers and clients. With this question, the interviewer tests your interpersonal skills as well as ability to lead. Your answer must indicate your eagerness to work in an environment where you can interact & provide support.

  • What Will You Do to Increase Revenue?

Helping your company generate revenue is a must for an employee including an account manager. The interviewer wants to see which methods you want to use. Besides, this question also helps the interviewer determine whether you have anything fresh & new to offer your potential company.

When you are interviewed by the hiring employer, make sure that you consider the kind of service or product your potential customer/client offers before you answer questions. Different interviewers may ask different questions to the candidates.

So, you have to be ready with any possible questions and you must prepare your answers. The account manager interview questions and answers above can be your reference to know what common questions to be asked and how you must provide the best answers to impress the interviewer.


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