Architect Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

If you want to attend an architect interview, you have to know what will be asked and how you respond each question. For your preparation, it is a good idea to pay attention to the following architect interview questions and answers. This will help you mold your answers to your experience & abilities.

37. Architect Interview Questions

How Do I Prepare for an Architect Interview?

In this case, you have to set your goal first. It may relate to your ambitions in the future. Besides that, what you will have to do for preparing a job interview is to research your potential manager or employer or the interviewer.

In addition, keep in mind that you cannot lay on your CV and application letter. Moreover, you may need to tailor & study your portfolio. One more, you should learn possible questions and how to answer them. That is why we provide you most common questions & the best answers.

What Inspires You as an Architect?

You may be inspired to be an architect after looking at designs through a piece of paper or a screen. However, seeing people’s designs may inspire you more. An architect is popular to travel & observe the beauties around them.

Architect Interview Sample

If you need a sample of interview questions and answers for an architect position, you can see it below:

  • What Is Your Biggest Success to Date?

The interviewer wants to determine your skills and how you feel about your accomplishment. To answer this question, it is a good idea to bring a concept or photograph with you. Therefore, you can show it to the interviewer. However, you still need to explain it briefly. In your answer, you have to express that you are excited about your accomplishments.

  • Can You Describe a Team Project & Your Role within That Team?

Your answer will be great if you can give a clear explanation about a team project. Providing an example of your role will also make it more impressive. Here, you have to draw up the concept. Make sure that you pay homage to the persons who assisted to design that concept.

  • Why Did You Choose to Be an Architect?

Your interviewer wants to see your passion to be an architect. So, make sure that your answer can determine that you are ideal for this position. There are many good answers you can provide. You can explain with your own words. However, you have to keep it brief yet clear.

  • Are You Familiar with Digital Design?

In this digital era, being familiar with digital design is a must. So, show the interviewer that you are familiar with various designing software such as Refit, SketchUp, and many more. If you have ever used this software, it is a good idea to bring your works so that you can present them as evidence.

Your interviewer will consider you to be hired as long as you are able to show your education, skills, experience, and passion to this position. You can show these all during the interview. Here are the most common architect interview questions and answers.


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