Physical Therapist Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

If you apply for a physical therapist position, you have to focus on your desired methods as well as specific training during the job interview. To help you prioritize & appear more confident, you will need the physical therapist interview questions and answers below.

25. Physical Therapist Interview Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Physical Therapist Interview?

For a successful interview, you have to prepare it well. I recommend that every candidate systematically handles the process. First, you should prepare for the basics. Besides that, it is also very important for you to review your job application.

In addition, you must also know your weaknesses. Moreover, it is very important to know your strengths especially related to the position as a physical therapist. One more, doesn’t forget to review current issues of physical therapy. With all the tips above, you will be able to face the job interview well.

How Do You Answer Physical Therapist Interview Questions?

To answer interview questions for a physical therapist position, you must be honest. You are not allowed to lie. Besides that, your answers must also be clear and convincing so that the hiring employer will be sure that you can be a good asset to the facility.

Physical Therapist Interview Sample

If you are looking for an example of questions and answers for a physical therapist, you can see it below:

  • What Do You Enjoy the Most about Your Career? And the Least?

The following answer will be great: “I enjoy helping people & teaching them how to assist themselves despite disabilities or injuries the most. But I dislike the notion that physical therapy is something we ‘do to” patients.” This answer shows that you don’t fear to talk about the issues concerning you.

  • Which Equipment Will You Use Most Often?

“My hands are the most proficient & best equipment to me. However, I can use ultrasound & electrical stimulation machines precisely. I also know well about how to use things like bands, balls, etc” will be the best answer. It shows that you understand your job and feel comfortable to use various tools.

  • Which Physical & Personal Qualities Do You Have?

Make sure that your answer can convince the interviewer to hire you. Here is an answer example for this question: “I know that I have the responsibility to lift upwards of 50 pounds every day and I’m fit for this. I’m compassionate & patient, too. I can even motivate patients with positive reinforcement.”

  • What Special Traits Will You Bring to the Facility?

Even though you are a fresh graduate, you can help enlighten everyone with your knowledge. So, you can say: “I learned from my training that listening to patients is the most essential trait a physical therapist can learn. So, I can learn the physical limitation of my patients and make better therapy programs for them.”

Being a physical therapist is very exciting. However, you have to impress the hiring manager when you have an interview. The physical therapist questions and answers above will be useful and helpful for you.


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