Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

A nurse practitioner closely works with patients with or without direct supervision. The care level you provide can directly reflect on the facility. The nurse practitioner interview questions and answers below will be helpful to prove your worth & stand out from other candidates.

65. Nurse Practitioner Interview

How Do I Prepare for a Nurse Practitioner Interview?

It is very important for you to prepare yourself for an interview for a nurse practitioner position. In this case, you will have to review your application first. Besides that, you will also need to review your resume. Then, you are also required to review the job description.

After you understand the job description of a nurse practitioner, what you should do is to research the facility. In addition, you must find out if you are meeting with a potential colleague or HR. One more, searching for common questions to be asked will help you more.

What Skills Are Required to Be a Nurse Practitioner?

It is not easy to be a nurse practitioner. Soft skills and hard skills must be possessed. Besides that, you will also need to have good skills of problem solving. In addition, other skills are also required such as all-around people skills and communication skills.

Nurse Practitioner Interview Sample

The sample of questions and interview for a nurse practitioner interview can be seen below:

  • Why Should the Practice Hire You?

It is a good idea to respond this question with the following answer: “All of my working experience & training led me to this career choice as well as this facility. I take it on myself to research the relevant issues in the industry and the proposed solutions. I never feel enough with 100%. That’s why I always give 110% in anything I do.”

  • Explain a Failure in Your Career That Helped You Learn!

You just need to tell based on your experience. For example, you can say: “When I was in university, I missed a chance to take an internship at a medical center because it interfered with my personal life. I complete an internship at a faculty but I learned that I have to make sacrifices from time to time to get the best education & give the best care to my patients.”

  • Give an Example of a Disagreement between You & a Nurse or Doctor!

“During my internship, I was sure that a woman coming to the clinic with a persistent rash had an infection. However, the doctor proposed that we treat for 48 hours for poison ivy. If the symptoms didn’t improve, the patient returned after 48 hours with worse symptoms. After she was prescribed antibiotics, then she improved.”

You need to review information & statistics about the faculty where you will be interviewed. It shows that you have a good initiative & drive to do your best for the facility. It also shows that you are serious with your application. Make sure that you learn the nurse practitioner interview questions and answers, too.


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