Nursing Assistant Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

If you want to be a nurse in the future, you can start your career from being a nursing assistant. However, getting hired as a nursing assistant is not easy. You have to win the job interview first. Therefore, we help you by providing nursing assistant interview questions and answers.

34. Nursing Assistant Interview Questions

What Is the Role of a Nursing Assistant?

Before you apply for this position, make sure that you understand your role first. A certified nursing assistant will perform various tasks of basic care for patients. For example, they include exercising, eating, bathing, dressing, and grooming.

Besides that, a nursing assistant will also be responsible for helping the nursing staff with the medical tasks. These may relate to monitoring vitals with medical equipment, taking blood, & reporting patient behavior & wellbeing. If you don’t understand it well, you have no chance to impress the interviewer.

What Are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers?

Whatever the job position you are applying for, the interview questions are usually same or similar. The questions mostly relate to your weaknesses, your strengths, your reasons why you want to work there, your goals, your reasons why you leave your latest job, etc.

Nursing Assistant Interview Sample

Below is a sample of interview questions and answers for a nursing assistant position:

  • Why Do You Want to Work as a Nursing Assistant?

Here, the interviewer looks for your personal connection to health care/nursing, sense of service & desire to assist others, and compassionate heart & demeanor. For example, you can answer: “Both of my parents died of cancer. I took care of them until they passed away, so, no other job that seems worth doing for me than becoming a nursing assistant”.

  • How Do You See Your Daily Duties Unfolding as a Nursing Assistant?

The interviewer is looking for your willingness to clean up after a patient, abilities, and technical nursing skills. So, you can say: “The better question may be ‘what doesn’t a nursing assistant do?’ Whatever the patient needs, but at least making sure their comfort, safety, & health.”

  • How Would You Handle Patient Abuse?

This question looks for your proactive response to abuse observations, willingness to report observations & accusations to superiors, and commitment to one’s highest treatment & care standards. You can simple answer: “I’m compelled to report it by my employer and my own ethics & compassion. If I see nothing is done about it, I’ll take it higher up the chain.”

  • What Is Your Process & Procedure for Entering a Patient’s Room?

Your answer should show your keen observation skills, a sense of patience & humility, and ability to be empathic to other people’s emotions. You can say: “I always knock and greet the patient first. Then, I’ll introduce myself and perform my tasks.”

If you can impress the interviewer, you will have a higher chance to get hired. One of the best ways to impress him/her is by providing great answer for each question. Anyway, the nursing assistant interview questions and answers above will help you a lot.



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