Nursing Assistant Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

If you apply for a nursing assistant job, you employer will determine whether you are an ideal candidate or not. In the recruitment process, you will have a job interview. To win the interview, you can prepare yourself with the following nursing assistant interview questions and answers.

66. Nursing Assistant Interview

What Is the Role of a Nursing Assistant?

A nursing assistant is a person who performs different basic care tasks for patients such as eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, & exercising. A nursing assistant also helps the nursing staff with medical tasks such as reporting patient behavior & wellbeing, taking blood, and monitoring vitals.

What Should You Say in a Nursing Assistant Interview?

You just need to answer the questions asked by the interviewer. However, you have to learn to tell about yourself. Besides, you also need to think about the reasons why you decide to be a nursing assistant.

Then, you should also plan yourself in 5 years. In addition, you must understand with your own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you have to be ready to answer if you are asked why you left your last job. The questions may vary. So, you must learn more possible questions.

Nursing Assistant Interview Sample

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions for a nursing assistant and how you should answer them?

  • Why Do You Want to Be a Nursing Assistant?

Your answer must reflect your dedication to your employer’s success and patient care. For example, you can simply say: “I want this position because people need others to care for them. I’m a caring & compassionate person and I’ll provide the best care to patients. I also want to help my employer dedicate to the patients’ well-being.”

  • What Personal Traits Will Help You Be Successful?

You can answer that question like this: “I’m a compassionate person & I’m sure to build relationships with patients. Therefore, they can keep a trust level with their caregivers. I’m empathetic & get close to my patients but I don’t let worry or grief to affect my performance & care of other patients. I don’t only pay attention to detail but also ensure to do a job well.”

  • What Would You Do If You Felt a Patient Was Being Abused?

The key is that you must never let a suspicion of abuse be uninvestigated or neglected. “Immediately, I’d report my suspicions to my superior without letting my feeling to interfere” is a good answer you can follow.

  • What Are Your Career Goals?

You can simply say: “I want to work in this position for 1 or 2 years before returning to university to be an RN.” Alternatively, you can say: “Now, I focus on providing the best care to patients. I’ll develop my goals during my time working here.”

Since a nursing assistant is the backbone of a healthcare facility, the interviewer has to ensure that the candidate is capable & compassionate before being hired. Understanding the nursing assistant interview questions and answers will be helpful for you to stand out as the most ideal candidate.


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