Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

The profession of paralegal combine’s personal values and demanding deadlines, if you are interested in this job position, you have to prepare yourself including learning about paralegal interview questions and answers. For your reference, you may need to pay attention to the following guidelines.

67. Paralegal Interview Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Paralegal Interview?

To win a paralegal interview, you will have to prepare yourself as much as you can. Besides that, you will also need to pay attention to what you wear. Make sure that you wear a formal dress. In addition, it is very important to practice questions & answers.

Then, you have to keep it positive. Moreover, sometimes you should ask some questions if any. Furthermore, you can also give work samples if needed. One more, doesn’t forget to follow up your job application as soon as possible.

What Skills Should a Paralegal Have?

There are some important skills required to be a paralegal. First, it relates to the ability to multitask. Besides, thinking ahead also belongs to the most important skills needed. Other skills required relate to flexibility or organization, technology, researching, writing, and also communication.

Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers Sample

If you need a sample of questions and answers for a paralegal interview, you can see it below:

  • Why Do You Want to Be a Paralegal?

To answer this question, you can say: “Becoming paralegal appeals to my desire to possess a meaningful career with social impact. Working in the justice system lets me feel like I make a difference in people’s lives. When working in this field, I also feel like I make a positive impact in the world.”

  • Describe How You Organize Your Day!

The example answer can be like this: “Based on my experience, to stay organized & ensure my tasks were completed on time, I used project management software. When I worked at Burke and Dudley, they have no project management software for legal assistants. With my initiative, I found a free project management resource & deployed it among the legal assistant team. With the project management tool, we perform better. So, I’ll use similar tools & resources at your firm.”

  • What Are the Operational Duties of a Paralegal?

You just need to simply explain: “A paralegal is an important part of a lawyer’s legal team. He/she has to be dedicated, reliable, and organized. A paralegal must be deadline-oriented & know how to use technological resources. A paralegal may be involved in interviewing witnesses, investigating cases, etc.”

  • What Are the Most Important Skills a Paralegal Should Display?

Here is a good answer to follow: “A paralegal should display research, organizational, technical, and administrative skills. He/she also has to be discrete & uphold confidentiality. In my experience as a legal assistant, I learned to administer the database that became a useful asset to the team. Then, they promoted me to be a paralegal.”

Everyone who wants to be a paralegal must be impressive during a job interview. There are many ways to impress the interviewer. One of the most effective ways is by learning the paralegal interview questions and answers above.


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