Assistant Principal Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

If you are interested to be an assistant principal, you have to know that administrative roles in the educational field are different so much from those in other industries. It is not easy to get this job position. So, you can prepare yourself with these assistant principal interview questions and answers.

38. Assistant Principal Interview Questions

What Are Assistant Principal Responsibilities?

For your information, an assistant principal deals with various problems that relate to curriculum instruction, personnel, community relations, student activities & services, and school management. Besides that, he/she also coordinates with principals as well as board members.

It aims to help them define and enforce the policies of the school as well as guidelines for faculty, staff, and also students. Of course, there are still many other responsibilities of an assistant principal. Make sure that you understand your responsibilities before applying for this job position.

How Do I Prepare for an Assistant Principal Interview?

First, you have to prepare yourself by researching the company you’ve applied to & find information that helps your interview prospects. Besides that, you must also be yourself. In addition, being confident is also a must to face a job interview.

Then, you should also bring relevant documents because sometimes they are needed. Moreover, teaching demo will also be very useful. The most important thing is that you answer all the questions clearly so that your answers can make the interviewer consider you the most ideal candidate for it.

Assistant Principal Interview Sample

In this article, we have a collection of interview questions and answers for an assistant principal position:

  • How Do You Handle Student Discipline?

Even though your main task is to help the principal, you will also be responsible for student discipline. This question must be replied with a pas scenario. You should explain the offense & the steps you took for the student discipline. For you who have no experience, you can make an imaginary scenario & explain how to handle it.

  • Have You Ever Evaluated a Teacher Who Was Not Performing to Expectation?

Through this question, the interviewer wants to determine your capabilities. So, you must use another scenario if you have the experience with such evaluations. If you have no experience, just explain that you will take the time to listen to the 2 sides and make an effective remedial plan.

  • Have You Ever Handled an Upset or Irate Parent?

If so, you should describe the situation & how you handled it. However, if not, you must provide another sample of a situation where your communication skills could dissolve the frustrations of the angry party.

  • Do You Multitask Well?

You can answer: “I’d ask another teacher to supervise the cafeteria to bring the fighting students into my office. Then, I’d schedule a meeting with their parents.”

As long as your answers are honest & to the point, you are on the right way. Your answers will affect whether the interviewer considers hiring you or not. So, you have to understand the assistant principal questions and answers above.


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