Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

When you apply for a veterinary assistant position, you will apply to work with animals. In this role, you will also help a veterinary in his/her duties. If you want to get this job, you can prepare yourself by paying attention to the following veterinary assistant interview questions and answers.

32. Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Veterinary Assistant Interview? 

Before the job interview, you have to read information given to you about rules carefully. Even though preparation is very important, you cannot over prepare. Then, make sure that you focus your reading on your desired topics.

In addition, you should not panic on math questions. Moreover, ensure that you arrive on time and remember the entire day is the interview. One more, you must push the conversation in the direction you want it to go. With those tips, you can prepare your job interview well.

What Should I Wear to a Veterinary Assistant Interview?

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to a job interview is about what you should wear. Some people say that khakis and polo shirts are fine. However, they are actually too casual for a formal interview. So, it is better to wear the more formal ones.

Veterinary Assistant Interview Sample

Here is a sample of interview questions and answers for a veterinary assistant position:

  • Are You Afraid of Large Animals?

As a veterinary assistant, you cannot afraid of large animals. So, you can say: “I’m familiar with kittens, puppies, and other cute animals. However, I’m not afraid of large animals and I love them so much.” However, you must be honest. If you fear of certain animals, just say the truth.

  • Do You Have Any Problems with Animal Excrement or Blood?

If it is problematic to you, veterinary assistant may not be a good job for you. If it doesn’t matter, you should say it surely. You can say: “I have experiences in providing routine checkups as well as treating sick animals. So, animal excrement and blood will not be a problem for me, for example.

  • Which Certifications or Degrees Do You Have?

To respond this question, you should answer it based on your degrees/certification. However, make sure that your certification or degree is relevant to the position of a veterinary assistant. The best one is to have a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine.

  • Why Do You Want to Work as a Veterinary Assistant?

You can actually say: “Because I like animals.” However, you must be more specific. It is a good idea to say: “I want to assist animals. I’ll treat and prevent their illness & injuries.” Alternatively, you can say: “I hope I can work as a veterinarian in the future.”

In the job interview, you will usually be asked more than 4 questions. So, you have to be ready with other possible questions. However, the veterinary assistant interview questions and answers above are useful to prepare yourself for winning a job interview.


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