Phlebotomist Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

A phlebotomist is very important in a health care institution because he/she collects the blood analyzed for different conditions & infections. If you want to work at this position, you are required to learn the following phlebotomist interview questions and answers so that you can prepare for the job interview.

69. Phlebotomist Interview Questions

How Do You Prepare for a Phlebotomist Interview?

After receiving the schedule for a phlebotomist interview, you should prepare yourself as much as possible. It doesn’t only relate to what your wear but also what you will say. So, you must learn about the common questions and how you answer them. Punctuality is also very important here.

What Questions Are Commonly Asked in a Phlebotomist Interview?

The questions may vary. So, you must be ready with any possible question asked. However, it is important to know the most frequently asked questions. For more details, you can see the sample we provide below.

Phlebotomist Interview Questions and Answers Sample

We provide you a collection of common questions and answers for a phlebotomist interview:

  • Why Did You Choose to Be a Phlebotomist?

You answer should never imply that you want to be a phlebotomist just for the paycheck. For example, you can answer this question: “I want to help people get the high-quality healthcare they deserve.” You can elaborate this simple question with your own words.

  • How Would You Calm an Upset Child?

You can answer it with the tips you’ve learned from your education. You can simply say: “In my experience, I’ve found that asking parents to carry a favorite thing and using it to diver the child attention really works well.” You can also tell your experience in calming an upset child if any.

  • How Will You Stay Motivated?

This is a good answer to say: “I know that the patients’ health is always the priority in this facility. So, I’m motivated to give 110% with every patient. I know that I play an important role to help the patients feel better and maintain their health.”

  • What If You Cannot Find a Vein?

For example, you can say: “I know that ABC Clinic’s policy is to ask for help if I cannot find a proper vein after 2 attempts.” Alternatively, you can answer it like this: “If an appropriate vein cannot be found after the 2nd phlebotomist has made 2 attempts, I’ll be required to disclose this to the nurse in the patient’s charge. Therefore, other arrangements can be made.”

Of course, there are still many other possible questions such as “What is your best strengths?”, “What is your greatest weakness?”, “Why do you choose our facility to work?”, “How much salary do you expect?”, and many more.

The phlebotomist interview questions and answers belong to the standard ones. Even though you may be asked with other questions, you have to stay focus on the job interview. If you can impress the interviewer with your answers, your will have a better chance to get hired.


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