Medical Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

A medical receptionist has the responsibility to greet patients, keep records, and ensure that a practice runs well. The medical receptionist interview questions and answers below will be very helpful to learn more about the most common questions asked and how to answer them.

62. Medical Receptionist Interview

What Makes a Good Medical Receptionist?

To be successful as a medical receptionist, a candidate must be compassionate, professional, caring, & discrete with a high level of skills in organization. Besides that, a candidate should also have a good attention to detail because he/she deals with sensitive & confidential information every day.

What Questions Are Asked in a Receptionist Interview?

In a medical receptionist interview, there are a few questions that may be asked by the interviewer. One of them is related to your previous experience working as a receptionist. Besides that, you will also usually be asked about your main responsibilities.

Then, the interviewer also wants to know whether you enjoy interacting with the public or not. In addition, you should also be able to explain how many people you interact with every day. The interviewer will also determine how you will add value to your position as a medical receptionist.

Medical Receptionist Interview Sample

The most frequently asked questions in a medical receptionist interview and how to answer each question can be seen below:

  • Why Do You Want to Be a Medical Receptionist?

For example, you can say: “I have the knowledge needed to be successful in this position. I have the ability to handle interruptions & to multitask. I also like challenge. In addition, I stay organized & like the atmosphere of medical environment.”

  • What Methods Will You Use to Work with People on a Daily Basis?

You can respond this question like this: “I like helping people resolve their problems fast. Therefore, they can avoid frustration & enjoy a better relationship with the medical facility. I’ll also spend time to study company policies & practices. Therefore, I’ll be able to learn more about different available resources to the patients and myself.”

  • How Would You Handle an Upset Patient?

The answer of this question should resemble: “I’d take the time to closely listen to the concern of the patient. If it’s about the care level he/she received, I’d speak with the nurse/doctor providing the care. But if the problem is regarding to billing, I’d review he chart of the patient to see whether there is any way to save the patient money.”

  • Are You Comfortable with Debt Collection Calls?

It is better if you do some researches to learn about the most effective methods. So, your answer can impress the interviewer. You can answer it with your own words.

Medical receptionist is one of the most challenging jobs. Therefore, you’ll have to prove to the interviewer that you possess the skills & traits to be successful. Then, your success reflects on the practice. That is why we suggest you to pay attention to the medical receptionist interview questions and answers above.


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