Special Education Teacher Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

To be a special education teacher, there are a few steps you will face. One of them is to win over a job interview. In this case, honesty, knowledge, & credentials are very important. However, you also have to prepare yourself with the following special education teacher interview questions and answers.

29. Special Education Teacher Interview Questions

What Are Some Interview Questions for a Special Education Teacher?

Usually, a hiring employer will ask questions that relate to your feeling about teaching, your reason to choose working with special students, your hope, your challenge or reward, etc. The questions may vary and your answer should be able to convince the interviewer.

What Qualities Make a Good Special Education Teacher?

There are a few qualities needed to be a good special education. First, you must have good skills in organization. Besides that, creativity will also be useful. In addition, it is important for a candidate to be highly intuitive.

Then, a special education teacher must be calming nature. Moreover, you must be detail-oriented. Furthermore, adaptability is also required. One more, anyone who wants to apply for this position must be even tempered. Make sure that you possess all of the qualities above.

Special Education Teacher Interview Sample

Let’s pay attention to the most common questions and the best answer for each question:

  • What Procedures Will You Use to Maintain Order Among Students?

You can reply this question like this: “I set learn rules at the start of the school year & apply a routine to learning every day. I work with students and apply the rules & procedures all the time. I explain & demonstrate the penalties to break the rules clearly, too.”


  • Have You Ever Dealt with an Especially Disrupted Student?

With this question, the interviewer wants to learn about your feeling too disruptive students & how to handle it personally. Besides, you also need to list the detailed steps to correct such behaviors, not only for the disruptive children but also for the rest of the class. You can answer it with your own words.


  • How Will You Assess the Progress of Your Students?

A special education teacher has the tasks to manage and promote good behavior. As a special education teacher, you should also provide an education staying with your students for their lives. To answer this question, you have to mention your assessment techniques and the ways you’ve adapted them to meet your students’ needs. You must also state the ways your methods address the strengths & weaknesses of each student.


  • Why Did You Choose to Be a Special Education Teacher?

There is right and wrong answer. However, you have to be specific and keep your answer brief. For example, if you have a family member or friend with special needs, you may have witnessed some of the struggles personally.

A special education teacher is a rewarding for you, the students, and their families. To win the job interview for this position, you should learn and prepare it with the special education teacher interview questions and answers above.


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