Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

A security guard has a job that fluctuates widely. Some days and nights may pass with no incident. However, sometimes he/she puts the guard’s life in extremely danger. Anyway, it is very important to pay attention to the following security guard interview questions and answers.

28. Security Guard Interview Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Security Guard Interview?

First of all, put a shine on your own soft skills. Besides that, you cannot only answer questions intelligently but you should ask intelligent questions, too. Then, it is also very important to prepare it for attitude and aptitude as well as possible.

In addition, you must know the business. Moreover, you are required to learn something about the interviewer. Furthermore, don’t forget to dress the part nicely. One more, you have to study the job description of a security guard and align yourself to match its tasks & duties.

What Are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers?

When it comes to a job interview, the questions can be general and specific. The questions may vary but it is very important to know the most common ones and how to best answer them. Some of the most common questions relate to your weaknesses, your goals, your strengths, etc.

Security Guard Interview Sample

With the following sample, you will know the most common questions and how to answer them:

  • How Would You Handle a Dangerous Situation as the Only Guard on Duty?

Your answer should be based on the policy of the company. For example, you can say: “I’d follow the company protocol to handle this situation. If the perpetrator indicates that he/she has a gun, I’d allow the individual entry. Then, I’d use the provided device to call the police silently & follow the instructions of the gunman until help arrived.”

  • How Do You Stay Motivated during Quiet Periods?

This is a universal answer that will always be acceptable: “If I get bored at a situation, I’d walk the perimeter of the area for a scenery change. I protect the goods of the company seriously & wouldn’t attempt to do anything that can distract me from my duty.”

  • Are You Familiar with Using a Gun/Taser/Baton?

It depends on you. For example, you can say: “During my training, I’ve ever learned how to use an all properly in the right time. I only use them in when needed to protect myself and others.”

  • Do You Work Well with Others?

The following answer will be great: “I understand that skills of teamwork & communication skills are very important to ensure safety. I can work alone or with a team effectively.” That answer indicates that you are flexible.

A security guard has the responsibility to protect merchandise, property, you, coworkers, etc. If you are applying for this position, make sure that you prepare for a job interview with the security guard interview questions and answers above. Even though the questions & answers may vary, those are commonly asked and how you should answer the questions correctly.


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