Nurse Manager Interview Questions and Answer and Its Sample

A nurse manager has the responsibility for different aspects of patient care. Therefore, an application must be well-suited for an available position. If you want to prove your dedication to patient care and your leadership skills, pay attention to the following nurse manager interview questions and answers.

21. Nurse Manager Interview Questions

Why Do You Want to Become a Nurse Manager?

A nurse manager has more responsibilities compared to most shift nurses that are as much a benefit as it is a cost. If you crave a change of pace in your work, you should not find a new career, or a new hospital. Becoming a nurse manager will offer new & exciting challenges in your position as a nurse.

What Are the Benefits of Nurse Manager Interview Questions and Answers?

The following interview questions & answers will be very useful for both the hiring employer and the one who is applying for a nurse manager. For the hiring employer, these questions & answers can help explore the candidates’ skills, abilities, & other strengths.

For the candidates, these questions & answers can be the reference and will help them prepare a job interview. Even though the questions may be different from one to another, it is very important to know common questions & answers for this position.

Nurse Manager Interview Sample

Here are some of the most common interview questions & answers for a nurse manager:

  • What Methods Would You Use to Train New Nurses in a Facility?

Since your methods will be vital, you can answer like this: “I’d explain what is expected of the new nurses as far as documentation, patient car, etc. first. Then, I’d provide the facility’s physical tour & explain daily operations. Lastly, I’d assess the abilities of the nurses during the few days.”


  • What Do You Think Your Coworkers Would Say about You?

If you think that your coworkers consider you harsh, you can answer: “I’m a stringent manager & I’m matter-of-fact when scheduling or providing assignments. My coworkers would say that they enjoy working with be as I’m thorough in anything I do. Then, they would also say that I’m 100% dedicated to my patients’ well-being & I put their care above anything else.”


  • Are You Proficient with Working in a Team Setting?

You can answer: Providing quality health care to all the patients is impossible with no team of professionals who work together. Nurses with the responsibility to provide care to patients have to maintain intense communication with each other & with the physician who is responsible for the patient’s care.”


  • How Would You Handle a Short-Staffed Shift?

When you are questioned about your method to handle one or more call-outs, you can say: “I ask the nurses to tell me that they are interested to take on extra hours & I also keep a list of names. My first order of business is to contact the nurses for covering the schedule.”


That is all about nurse manager interview questions and answers. You can make your own answers but those answers will be great and impress the interviewer. With those answers, you will have a great chance to get hired.


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