Underwriter Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

An underwriter has the responsibility to use research & multiple resources for determining if a consumer qualifies for credit and insurance, depending on the company. To help the manager decide your qualifications for the position, let’s see the following underwriter interview questions and answers.

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How Do Face an Underwriter Interview?

During the job interview, make sure that you describe an instance from your previous experience where you demonstrated effective decision-making significantly. Besides that, you also cannot forget to tie your past action clearly to a positive result, especially if it translates to specific numbers.

What Makes a Good Underwriter?

An underwriter should be detail-oriented and poses excellent skills in decision making, problem-solving, communication, and math. After you are hired, typically you train on the job and are supervised by a senior underwriter. You’ll learn about basic applications used in underwriting & common risk factors.

Is Underwriting a Stressful Job?

Sometimes, underwriting is very stressful. In this role, you will have various risks such as manufacturing, distributing, and premises risks. Therefore, you should think about it all and every situation is different. However, if you enjoy your job, this will not be stressful. It can even be fun.

Underwriter Interview Sample

If you are looking for a sample of interview questions & answers for an underwriter position, you can pay attention to this:

  • How Do You Stay Focused on Your Job?

As we know, being an underwriter can be boring as you will spend at least 40 hours a week at a desk. The best way to answer show that you will stay motivated is by saying: “I enjoy my duties to help people get the money for different purposes. It motivates me to always do the best.”

  • How Do You Stay on Top of Current Laws?

The laws regarding finance & insurance always change. So, you can answer that question like this: “I always attend a finance seminar twice a year. Therefore, I’ll always stay on top of changes made to the law.” Alternatively, you can say: “I participate in an online notification system. If there are any changes regarding to laws, I’ll receive an email.”

  • Have You Ever Worked a Customer Service-based Job?

You have to convince the interviewer that you are comfortable working with consumers. For example, it is a good idea to say: “I’ve worked in different positions of retail sales in the past. Therefore, I feel comfortable talking to applicants as well as obtaining the information needed.”

  • How Do You Stay Organized & Prioritize Your Workload?

You must explain your method simply. “I keep a detailed planner that I update throughout the day. It helps me remember which case on which I must focus at a given time. I use an alphabetical filing system, too, to keep track of every applicant’s information” will be an impressive answer.

Whether you work for an insurance company or bank, being an underwriter is a very important role. So, you have to pay attention and learn the underwriter interview questions and answers above. Therefore, you can prepare yourself well to impress and convince the interviewer.



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