Accounting Clerk Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

To win a job interview for an accounting clerk position, you have to focus on your professionalism, computer software prowess, organizational skills, and ability to pay attention to detail. To help you prepare it, you can use the following accounting clerk interview questions and answers.

35. Accounting Clerk Interview Questions

What Is the Role of the Accounting Clerk in an Organization?

An accounting clerk has the responsibilities to keep financial record updated, prepare reports, & reconcile bank statements. An accounting clerk also runs accounting software programs to process business transactions such as accounts payable & receivable, expense vouchers & receipts, etc.

How Do You Prepare for an Accounting Clerk Interview?

Winning a job interview is very challenging especially when it comes to an accounting clerk position. Here, you will have to wear formal outfits. Besides that, make sure that you are in a fit condition. Then, you must focus during the interview.

Accounting Clerk Interview Sample

If you are looking for a sample of questions and answers for an accounting clerk position, pay attention to this:

  • What Are Your Career Goals as an Accounting Clerk?

In the future, you may want a lead accounting clerk or supervisory position. If so, you must give details & time frame. If you have not set goals yet, you must sate that you want to focus on your career development than your future plan.

  • Do You Understand Computers?

As an accounting clerk, you must be able to operate different computer programs. The most basic computer understanding is to be able to operate Ms. Office programs. So, make sure to explain it clearly. Besides, it is also important to be familiar with Linux, Notepad, Adobe, etc. However, you cannot lie. So, you have to learn computer programs required to support your duties as an accounting clerk.

  • How Detail-oriented are you? What Methods Do You Use?

To answer this question, you have to bring your organizational skills and particular skills you possess to stay on task. During your training, you may have learned different methods to maintain your focus. So, just feel free to choose your preferred method and explain it briefly. At the same time, you must also recognize that an individual company usually has its own ways to file, enter data, etc. Therefore, state that you can maintain focus yet flexible.

  • Do You Communicate Effectively?

Communication skill is very important for an accounting clerk. Show the interviewer that you can communicate effectively. If you’ve ever worked as a customer service, it will be a plus. You can also provide an example where you resolve customer or client’s issue. You can explain it with your own words but keep it brief.

Being an accounting clerk is a great job. However, the interviewer needs a lot of information before he/she hires you. You have to be able to answer a few questions. Even though he/she may ask unpredictable questions, the accounting clerk interview questions and answers above will help you a lot.


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